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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
PCM-3662-A Advantech PCM-3662-A Ethernet Module - PC-104 plus EthernetModule ADVANTECH Request Quote
PCM-3718H-B Advantech PCM-3718H-B CPU Boards -PC/104 16-ch 100kHz Multifunction Card ADVANTECH Request Quote
PCM-3718HG-B Advantech PCM-3718HG-B CPU Board - PC/104 High-gain DASModule ADVANTECH Request Quote
PCM-3724-A2 PC/104 48-Bit DigitalI/O Module ADVANTECH Request Quote
PCM-3725-A PC/104 8ch Relay Actua-tor & Isolated DI Module ADVANTECH Request Quote
PCM-3730-A Advantech PCM-3730-A I/O Controller - PC/104 16-ch.IsolatedDigital I/O Module ADVANTECH Request Quote
PCM-3840 Advantech PCM-3840 Solid State Disk Module with Full boot operability ADVANTECH Request Quote
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